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Our Founders

Advocate Shri Vijay Mishra

Advocate Shri Sanjay Mishra
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Shri Umesh Chandra Tiwari
(State Head - Uttar Pradesh)


Shri Vikash Kumar Nishad
(Bureau Chief - Ambedkar Nagar)

Shri Girja Shankar Gupta
(Tahseel - Ambedkar Nagar)

 Shri Vikash Kumar Mishra
(Bureau Chief - Bhadohi)

Shri Amitesh Sharma
(Bureau Chief - Mirzapur)

Shri Abhishek Sharma
(Bureau Chief - Noida)
Shri Sanjay Kumar Choudhary
(Bureau Chief - Ghaziabad)

Shri Sooraj Kumar Shukla
(Bureau Chief - Gonda)

Shri Shubham Gupta
(Tahseel - Gonda)

Shri Ram Kumar Shukla
(Tahseel - Gonda)

Shri Prem Prakash Shukla
(Tahseel - Gonda)

Shri Aashutosh Sharma
(Bureau Chief - Prayagraj)

Shri Sandeep Kumar Dwivedi
(Bureau Chief - Chitrakoot)

Shri Sarvesh Pandey
(Tahseel - Chitrakoot)

Shri Ram Kumar
(Bureau Chief - Bahraich)

Shri Roop Narayan Yadav
(Tahseel - Bahraich)

Shri Pawan Kumar yadav
(Tahseel - Bahraich)

Shri Chandra Shekhar Awasthi
(Tahseel - Bahraich)

Shri Anand Prakash Mishra
(Bureau Chief - Balrampur)

Shri Asgar Ali
(Tahseel - Balrampur)

Dr. Sharad Chandra Srivastava 
(Bureau Chief - Varanasi)

Dr. Umesh Chandra Srivastava
(Bureau Chief - NCR)

Dr. Alok Kumar Srivastava
(Bureau Chief - Ayodhya)

Shri Santosh Kumar Srivastava
(Tahseel - Ayodhya)

Shri Jitendra Singh Yadav
(Bureau Chief - Auraiya)

Shri Anil Kumar
(Bureau Chief - Sitapur)

Shri Amit Kumar Rathour
(Bureau Chief - Lakhimpur)

Shri Amit Kumar Srivastava
(Bureau Chief - Jaunpur)

Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav
(Bureau Chief - Pratapgarh)

Shri Ram Krishan Verma
(Bureau Chief - Sravasti)

Dr. Devendra Kumar Srivastav
(Bureau Chief - Basti)

Shri Raj Kumar Gupta
(Bureau Chief - Mathura)

Shri Roshan Kushwaha
(Bureau Chief - Banda)

Shri Sandeep Kumar Sharma
(Bureau Chief - Pilibhit)

Shri Aneesh Kumar Singh
(Bureau Chief - Unnao)

Shri Anil Kumar
(Bureau Chief - Jalaun)

Shri Vishal Kumar Arya
(State Head - Uttrakhand)

Smt Anju Sharma
(State Head - Delhi)

Shri  Kailash Kumar Pandey
(State Head - Madhya Pradesh)

Shri Manish Amley
(Bureau Chief - Dhar)

Shri Rajneesh Namdev
(Bureau Chief - Panna)

Shri Seeta Ram Tripathi
(Tahseel- Panna)

Shri Ram Singh
(Tahseel- Panna)

Shri Santosh Kumar Agnihotri
(Tahseel- Panna)

Shri Dinesh Kumar Raikwar
(Bureau Chief - Tikamgarh)

Shri Surendra Sharma
(Tahseel - Ambedkar Nagar)

Shri Rajesh Kumar Sharma
(Tahseel - Jaunpur)

Shri Arpit Mishra
(Tahseel - Mirzapur)

Shri Pramod Kumar Sharma
(Tahseel - Varanasi)

Shri Akhilesh Mishra
(Bureau Chief - Lucknow)

Shri Fani Bhushan Singh
(State Head - Bihar)

Shri Suraj Kumar Shukla
(Tahsheel - Bahraich)

Shri Umakant Dubey
(Tahsheel - Mirzapur)

Shri Shobhit Awasthi
(Bureau Chief - Hardoi)

Shri Sachin Kashyap
(Tahseel - Hardoi)

Shri Ashok Kumar Tiwari
(Tahseel - Gonda)

Shri Sachin Yadav
(Tahseel - Pratapgarh)

Shri Mahesh Chandra
(Tahseel - Ambedkar Nagar)

Shri Niraj Kushwaha
(Bureau Chief - Mahoba)

Shri Subhas Agrahari
(Tahseel - Ambedkar Nagar)

Shri Akhilendra Pratap Singh
(Tahseel - Gonda)

Shri Govind Tiwari
(Tahseel - Hardoi)

Shri Prashant Mishra
(Tahseel - Gonda)

Shri Rahul Mishra
(Tahseel - Gonda)

Shri Sunil Kumar Maurya
(Tahseel - Bahraich)

Shri Shailendra Kumar Yadav
(Tahseel - Mirzapur)

Shri Ratnesh Singh
(Tahseel - Mirzapur)

Shri Ankit Kesarwani
(Tahseel - Prayagraj)

Shri Mukul Gupta
(Tahseel - Hardoi)

Shri Ranjeet Jingar
(State Head - Rajsthan)

Shri Sarvesh Kumar
(Tahseel - Lakhimpur)

Shri Mahesh Prasad Maurya
(Tahseel - Gonda)

Shri Kamlesh Shankar Pandey
(Tahseel - Allahabad)

Ankur Kumar Mishra
(Ambedkar Nagar)

Ajay Kumar Rathour

Suraj Vishwakarma

Rahul Singh

Jitendra Kumar Yadav

Amresh Singh

Nitesh Kumar Sharma

Vijay Singh Yadav

Sandeep Mishra
(State Head - Maharashtra)

Sandeep Kr. Yadav
(Entertainment Head - Ambedkar Nagar)

Rohit Tiwari
(Tahseel- Balrampur)

Afroz Ahmad
(Zone Head - Gorakhpur)

Dhirendra Prakash Dwivedi
(Bureau Chief - Gorakhpur)

Mahendra Kumar

Jitendra Diwakar

Reena Rawat

Ravendra Singh Verma

Pritam Shukla

Navneet Kumar

Pravesh Kumar Yadav
(Bureau Chief - Basti)